Port Management & Marine Contracting

Marine Services is geared towards providing services and solutions that under grueling compliance and risk management scrutiny delivers its clients with reliable, efficient and cost-effective services. Harmonizing latest market trends, technologies and skills sets we keep exploring new opportunities whilst forging strategic and technical alliances with global business partners and customers.
Our Port management and Marine solutions and services include
  • Integrated solutions for port operational, technical and administrative management.
  • Provision and management of customer defined vessels, supply/utility boats and tugs..
  • Manning of vessels, for long and short term operations..
  • Provision of Port Captains, Port Engineers, VTS operators and specialized staff..
  • Consultancy for sales, purchases, insurances, P&I and registration matters..
  • Building crafts for sales, lease and long term charters..
  • Facilitating marine vessels' dry-docking, refits and repairs both locally and abroad..
  • Provision of rider squads with tools and equipment to perform on-voyage repair services..
  • Dredging and pile driving for in and off-shore coastal facilities..
  • Operation and maintenance of port communication, navigation and meteorological facilities..
  • Inspections, restoration & refurbishment of vessels and port equipment, locally & via international partners..
  • Cathode protection system for marine assets..
  • Operation & maintenance of fuel, oil, loading & bulk cargo handling systems..